The United States of America!    Virtual Guidebook - how beautiful the country is!

(Some thoughts of a little European)

1. The 11th of September, 2001

2. Afghanistan - in English - in Hungarian (written in Sept. 2001).

    Or: the hit of Bush into bushes

3. Inevitable war of the military and the weapon industry of the Gendarme of the World against a bastard.

4. Europe should be wise enough to reconsider her ties with America, otherwise cannot avoid being pulled into unnecessary international conflicts.     My question is: Euro-Atlantic world or Europe? Closer ties with the growing powers of East? This Gendarme of the World will generate the same feelings as his predecessors did: the general hatred. Should we share it? Or should we try to create a world of mutual understanding? Read the following site:

Bush Adminstration Damage

5. An excerpt from Death Penalty Information Centre's site:

Canadian Juvenile Offender Could Face Death Penalty At Guantanamo Bay
     American military officials say that a Canadian teen being held at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba could be eligible for the death penalty. The 17-year-old boy was captured in Afghanistan last July and is accused of killing a U.S. medic during battle as a member of al-Qaida. After 18 months of imprisonment, none of the 700 detainees have been officially charged, but a review of their cases by President George W. Bush is pending. Some of the cases could involve capital charges, and  officials note that the government is considering establishing a death row and an execution chamber at the camp for prisoners convicted by upcoming military tribunals. (Calgary Sun, June 4, 2003).

Absolute lawlessness in the "biggest democracy" of the world!!! World, be aware and afraid of the USA!

6. Link on horrors committed in the US:

    The Negro Holocaust, 1880-1950